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team meet

to explore possibilities on investment in Indian investment market

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NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 22 :Airports Authority of India (AAI) and Belgium High Commission had a meeting at AAI's Corporate Headquarters on Thursday (November 22, 2018 attended by Belgium Airports and Aviation Delegation comprising companies from Belgium.delegates present were from various services and productorganizations such as BTEE, CE+T, IP Trade SA, TPF Engineering, Wallonia Aerotraining Network (WAN).

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The meeting was chaired by AAI Chairman Dr.GuruprasadMohapatra who highlighted the phenomenon growth of Indian Aviation marketand stated thatIndia's overall aviation market is expected to reach 3rd position by 2020. Domestic aviation passenger traffic is growing at over 20% per year and comes among the top 5 fastest growing among the global aviation fraternity. India's Regional Connectivity plan is budgeted and aims to revitalize 160 airports and airstrips.

The Belgium Airports and Aviation Mission delegation led by Mr.BenoitMarichal, held discussions which included an interactive session. Delegation team members showcased cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions from airport infrastructure works (lighting, runways, security, etc.) through engineering and environmental solutions, including also surveillance equipments (radar, security, etc.), telecom services, passenger facilitation solutions, ground handling training and services. Belgium companies who showed keen interest in partnering for development and growth in Indian Aviation. Sunlight AAI team led by Chairman Dr.GuruprasadMohapatra and Belgium Airports and Aviation Mission team led by Mr.BenoitMarichal, International Marketing adviser of UWE, Mission Head at a meeting organized at AAI, CHQ, New Delhi on Thursday (November 22, 2018.

Mr Sandeep Kathuria, AGM Business Development) showcased the tremendous growth in Indian Aviation market. He envisaged about opportunities to the visiting delegates for investments in the various fields of Indian Aviation Market.

The meeting ended with a positive note where Chairman, AAI invited Belgium companies to take part actively in Global Aviation Summit 2019 to be held in January 2019.