Achievements of Jaipur and Srinagar airports

Jaipur International Airport becomes world's best airport in ASQ-2015 in two categories awarded by ACI in Gold Coast (Australia). Best Airport by size Best Airport by size and region(Asia Pacific) a. To improve housekeeping services the new Mechanized Environment Support Services (Up-keeping) (MESS) implemented as per QCBS (Quality & Cost Based Selection) guideline. b. The services in terminal building are being monitored through regular inspections. c. Jaipur International Airport has public grievance mechanism in place, where all grievance are redressed/resolved. d. Extra sitting area has been created by merging transit hall into SHA at first floor with the additional toilet block. e. New toilet block has been constructed on the City side. f. Visitor area has been merged into check-in area and additional gate has been opened for passenger entry during peak hours. g. The traffic has been regulated at the entry point of Airport. h. Additional X-ray machines has been added for check-in and hand baggage's i. Free 4G Wi-Fi Facility provided in Terminal-II. j. Construction of Boundary wall of newly acquired land at CA Jaipur. k. Induction of Foreign Money Exchange Counter l. 1800 kWp ground mounted solar plant execution work in progress & likely to be commissioned on 31.03.2017. m. Custodianship for Jaipur international Airport under section 8(a) of the Customs Act, 1962 for international cargo has been issued on 28.09.2016. n. ATC Lower Area control have been established on trail run at Jaipur Airport. o. Extensive Cleaning Drive by using high lift ladder p. Commissioning of 30 meters high National flag in Airport premise. q. CAT-IIIB System at Jaipur International Airport Commissioned. Which includes the following works. • Timely completion of runway extension and strengthening works. • Installation and Commissioning of CAT-III B lighting system. • Installation and Commissioning of ILS CAT-IIIB and ASMGCS. • Construction & Commissioning of part parallel taxi track 09 end. • Obstacles within /outside airport operational area have been removed. • Grading works in basic strip/operational area.

The update on various achievements in respect of Srinagar International Airports

• EPC world media Award for "Best Airport" in Non metro category. • Seven new Check-in CUTE counters are added (total 23) for expeditious checking in. • 23 CIDS are installed on CUTE Check-in counters. • To reduce congestion,Departure area is increased by relocation of airlines back-up offices. • Common User Self Service counter( CUSS) is installed for ease of passengers. • 02 new Airlines i.e. Vistara and Air Asia Airlines commenced operations.( Total 7 airlines). • Common user Cargo Terminal (CUDCT) commenced operations. • New contract has been awarded to HPCL for aviation fuel. • One new X-Bis machine is installed at Departure entry gate to reduce congestion at entry gate. • 01 additional entry gate created to decongest the passenger entry. • One separate stair is provided to relocated airline offices at first floor. • 09 toilets block are renovated. • Child care room is renovated. • New concessionaire, branded shops, spa etc. are awarded for convenience of passengers . • PA / CCTV systems have been upgraded. • . Facility for Retiring Room made available for the stranded passengers. • Security Hall Area ( SHA) expanded to double the capacity to meet peak demand. • Free local/STD phone facility is provided for airport users in SHA and Arrival lounge. • . Paid Porter Service is made available at Drop Gate as well as in Terminal Building for convenience of passengers. • .Money Exchange counter were provided to J&K Bank during demonetization • Arrival exit passage canopy is made available to protect passengers from bad weather. • Free Wi-Fi are provided for users. • Seven new reconciliation system are installed. • Departure Air lock lobby/ entry gates. • False ceiling LED lights are provided in Departure X-ray lounge. • Replacement of old flooring with Granite flooring. • During unrest /strike in the city since July 8,2016 for 05 months, all passengers facilities are provided and maintained as per Standard. Free food/lunger, first aid facilities provided to the stranded passengers. • During summer Schedule early morning/late evening flights were introduced. • . Blood Donation camp was organised with Indigo Airlines. • Week long free Basic Life Support(BLS) training,organised Health screening camp on non communicable diseases(NCD) with the aim to provide basic health care, awareness in the airport staff and passengers about good & healthy life style • Free Health Check up camps was organized.

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