It's not unpatriotic to denounce an injustice committed on our behalf, perhaps it's the most patriotic thing we can do." ― E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly


Book on corruption
"The Black Tiger"

Defeating India's corrupted and realising Kalam's dream of a corruption free India

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NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 04 : "I am here to tell you We are all of us just as mighty as planets—and you too, We'll let you in, we've got stalwart to spare— But you might have to sleep on the floor." ― Catherynne M. Valente, The Bread We Eat in Dreams

Fingerprint Publishing celebrated the launch of Srijan Pal Singh's timely and well referenced book on corruption "The Black Tiger", on October 3, Tuesday at the Constitution Club of India, which was launched by Padma Bhushan Shri Anna Hazare, the iconic stalwart of the anti-corruption movement in India. The occasion was also graced by renowned social activist Dr. Vishwambehar Choudhari.

A timely, effective, and well-referenced title, The Black Tiger makes a bold attempt to look at the problem of corruption from every possible angle and attempts to provide a solution for it, after analysing the case vis- à-vis similar scenarios across the world. The book explores how India can change, in global parameters, in its growth and economy, if steps towards a corruption-free nation are progressed upon. Some ideas are inspired by other nations, while others are radical and innovative and suited to the Indian context as a special case. A large part of the book is inspired by the epitome of modern India's development and a symbol of integrity in public and personal life, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, with whom the author had worked during the last seven years. Many of the chapters delve into the experiences and inspirations of Dr. Kalam about this topic.

The Black Tiger is a product of a lucid research into the complicated world of black money; its mechanisms, its movement, and its soft spots

Critique of corruption

A meditative and well-referenced critique of corruption and its corruptible practices, the book is a study of various countries across time and geography that have fought corruption in their own systems

"One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we've been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We're no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It's simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we've been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back." ― Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

imageFrom the ICAC of Hong Kong to the Clean Governance of Georgia and from the fight against Foreign Parked Black Money by a US court to the truly consequential None of the Above vote of Colombia, Srijan Pal Singh, trusted advisor and a close associate of Dr. Kalam, analyses case after case, putting forth cogent arguments on the many dimensions of corruption and how it can be systematically weeded out from India. At once fascinating, absorbing, and informative, The Black Tiger is a must-read for those who wish to know how India can become a superpower in the next few years, as envisioned by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

The author of the book Srijan Pal Singh is a gold medallist MBA holder from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, and has worked with the Boston Consulting Group. He is a social entrepreneur who has been involved in studying and evolving sustainable development systems with a thrust on rural areas. From 2009 to 2015, he also worked as an advisor and an officer on special duty to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam on promoting the concept of energy independence and Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas (PURA), and co-authored with him three books, Target 3 Billion (2011), Reignited (2015), and Advantage India (2015). He has been named as one of the Global Leaders of Tomorrow by the St. Gallen Leadership Symposium in Switzerland in 2014. He has also co-authored Smart and Human (2015) with GRK Reddy.

Power-lust is a weed that grows only in the vacant lots of an abandoned mind. " ― Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

Finally, "Evil is not just a theory of paradox, but an actual entity that exists only for itself. From its ether of manifestation that is garlanded in perpetual darkness, it not only influences and seeks the ruination and destruction of everything that resides in our universe, but rushes to embrace its own oblivion as well. To accomplish this, however, it must hide within the shroud of lies and deceit it spins to manipulate the weak-minded as well as those who choose to ally themselves with it for their own personal gain. For evil must rely on the self-serving interests of the arrogant, the lustful, the power-hungry, the hateful, and the greedy to feed and proliferate. This then becomes the condition of evil's existence: the baneful ideologies of those who wantonly chose to ignore the needs and rights of others, inducing oppression, fear, pain, and even death throughout the cosmos. And by these means, evil seeks to supplant the balance of the universe with its perverse nature. And once all that was good has been extinguished by corruption or annihilation, evil will then turn upon and consume what remains: particularly its immoral servants who have assisted its purpose so well … along with itself. And within that terrible instant of unimaginable exploding quantum fury, it will burn brighter than a trillion galaxies to herald its moment of ultimate triumph. But a moment is all that it shall be. And a micro-second later when the last amber burns and flickers out to the demise of dissolving ash, evil will leave its legacy of a totally devoid universe as its everlasting monument to eternal death." ― R.G. Risch, Beyond Mars: Crimson Fleet