A Light Unto Yourself 

By Saman Shrutpragya and Dr Graham Dwyer

"If you have the indecency to steal my book, at least have the decency to write a review." - Grea Alexander An elegantly crafted book on spiritualism "A Light Unto Yourself' clearly documents thoughts of authors Saman Shrutpragya and Dr Graham Dwyer as exceptionally accomplished writers able to skillfully weave what is there and what should be for attaining something ethereal and joyous is highly recommended for both personal reading lists and community library contemporary book collections." - Michael Caine should have the last word on the reviews: 'What about those reviews then?'


Dawamukt Chikitsa

By Muni Kishanlal

"If you want to heal the body, you must first heal the mind." Plato So in the book Dawamukt Chikitsa, written by Muni Kishanlal and published by Prabhat Prakashan, 4/19, Asaf Ali Road , New Delhi- 110002 the writer tries to explore metaphysical principles of spiritual healing. It's an effort to outline the elements which allow us to understand and work with physical and mental regeneration and harmonization, as we'll define healing.


Sukhi Bano

By Acharya Mahashraman

"If life is a bowl of cherries, what's inside of it?" So the book Sukhi Bano written by Acharya Shraman published by Jain Vishwa Bharti Ladnun (Rajasthan) beautifully presents life's positivity, if rather rather eclectic approach to attaining peace. "Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know." - Ernest Hemingway, The Garden of Eden.The book which is relatively self-contained, presents a fairly short introduction to happy life which might serve needs of those seeking real pleasures and which might be of interest to the general reader. In 41 chapters the author has tried to explain ways to happiness which is in real sense of the term important .