Dakota Johnson wears
Nirav Modi jewels

75th Golden Jewels Awards

Thesynergyonline Fashion Bureau

A myriad of different diamond shapes is meticulously positioned to reflect distinctive plays of light, displaying a dazzling collective luminance.

It's appropriating a style

Dakota Johnson

Rhyming with fashion

The Luminance Collection has been a red carpet favorite. It has been worn by Kate Winslet at the Academy Awards in 2016 and by Taraji P. Henson at the Academy Awards in 2017.

Classic Embrace Bangle (White Gold): In a feat of artistic engineering, calibrated links come together in an infinite circle. The jewel stretches, glides onto the wrist as it expands and embraces the wearer. Innovative and playful, the bangle brings a touch of elegance to a classic design. Beautiful when worn alone and can be stacked with multiple other embrace bangles of different widths and gold colors for a grand look.