Even the most disenfranchised get to breathe
#Bring Back The Blue Skies initiative of GAIL

The sun, the wind and the earth are experiential realities to which men have responded sensuously and reverently from time immemorial. Out of these primal elements man developed his sense of dependence on—and respect for—the natural environment . This theoretical dependence supplied us with insights (partial ones at best) into the natural world, but its onesidedness robbed us of all sensuous dependence on and all visible contact and unity with nature. In losing these, we lost a part of ourselves as feeling beings. Blue sky initiative

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NEW DELHI, DECEMBER 12: GAIL (India) has always been spearheading the masses to encourage on clean and responsible living by actively supporting a movement Hawa Badlo. The objective of this movement is to create awareness about the consequences of environmental contamination. Hawa Badlo motivates the masses to inculcate friendly habits such as switching to CNG vehicles, carpooling, and use of public transport.

#Bring Back The Blue Skies is an initiative under Hawa Badlo movement to reach out to the youth and urge the masses to do perceptible actions, changes in the lifestyle choices and behavioral changes which will make huge impact on the environment.

Bring back The Blue Skies initiative is the need of the hour as World Health Organisation (WHO) recently reported that India has 14 out of the 15 most polluted cities in the world. As per another recent report by the WHO more than two million deaths occur in India prematurely every year due to air pollution, accounting for 25 per cent of the global deaths due to poor air quality.

#BringBackTheBlueSkies initiative aims towards creating awareness against air pollution and encouraging people to move towards cleaner fuels like natural gas. Under bring back The Blue Skies initiative GAIL (India) has launched a music video and a national photography contest.

The photography contest is open to all age groups where participants can submit their entries on the website and win grand prizes. GAIL also unveiled an art installation of the retro-futuristic 'Time Machine in Delhi.

This Time Machine is a representation the idea of 'Turn Back time to better environments and bluer skies that we had in the past. The unique art piece is inspired by the Time Machine seen in Music Video.