Jivi Mobiles enters
smart phone business


Jivi mobiles launches its range of 5 new 4G smart phones

All devices come with double warranty - Replacement & free screen replacement for 111 days from date of purchase within 1 year warranty

Thesynergyonline Corporate Bureau

NEW DELHI, AUGUST 29 : jivi mobiles has entered the smart phone market with its new product portfolio of 5 smart phones starting from Rs 3,333 to Rs 6,599 in India. Priced very competitively, every model comes with double warranty which means the user will get a free replacement and free screen replacement for 111 days from the date of purchase. Along with standard accessories, the customers will also get protection gears free of cost which included Tempered glass, protective case and flip cover. Under the 111 days replacement warranty, the company is offering replacement of handset for hardware defect within 111 days from the date of purchase/activation. There is also free screen (LCD/TP) replacement one time within 111 days from the date of purchase & activation. jivi smart phones exhibit great style combined with cutting-edge technology, the devices aspire to be the ideal companion for people who are looking for offering seamless and enhanced user experience at an affordable price. Talking about the new range of smart phones, Mr Pankaj Anand, CEO, jivi mobiles said, "We are extremely happy to launch our smart phone range for our discerning customers. At jivi, the focus is on providing the best technology at competitive prices. Our research team has worked tirelessly in making this a reality. We are one of the very few companies in the country to offer such a wide range of smart phones at such amazing price points and we are the pioneers in offering 111 days warranty as well. All our devices and chargers are Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) approved. The products would be 'Made in India' in our facility in Delhi. " Expressing his elation on the launch of smart phone, Irffan Khan, brand Ambassador of jivi mobiles said, "I have always known jivi to be an inspirational brand in India as they have assiduously worked towards achieving their goal of providing cutting edge technology at best prices to the customers. The new range of smart phones is a proof of their commitment and 111 days replacement warranty is a never seen before offer. I am very happy to be associated with jivi mobiles and would love to see through this association for a long time." jivi mobiles has taken a major step in the direction of realizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Vision of 'Make in India' by setting up two new facilities with an investment of Rs. 200 crores. Jivi Mobile first factory is in Mahipalpur, New Delhi built up on an area of 15000 sq. ft. which would cater to North and East India demand of jivi mobiles phones. Company's 1st facility in Mahipalpur has a capacity to roll out 7 lakh phones per month and it employs some 350 employees in the first phase. Second facility of jivi mobiles which is located in Lonavla, Maharashtra to cater to the South and Western parts of the country, would be operational in the coming months.

Catherine Coulter, Tail Spin

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"Look at the world and think about a catastrophic disaster where the cell phone towers went dead. How would you ever be able to 'TEXT" your next door neighbor to see if they were okay" ― Stanley Victor Paskavich, Return to Stantasyland

"Technology offers us a unique opportunity, though rarely welcome, to practice patience." ― Allan Lokos, Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living

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That's the great thing about a tractor. You can't really hear the phone ring.- Jeff Foxworthy

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