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Dear netizens,

Given our commitment to bridge the communication gap between the government departments and the industry and trade on various tax and trade laws and frequently-changing policies, here we bring to you yet another most economical service for your benefits. Since seeking clarification on notifications / circulars / tax & trade laws / policies is a time-consuming and expensive exercise for the exporters / importers / manufacturers / other taxpayers, taxindiaonline has taken the initiative to provide you the necessary problem-solving platform against a nominal cost.

Answering Queries: Here we propose to get you the best possible and most accurate answers to all sorts of queries, which are not covered under our "Three-in-one" service package. Since a large number of manufacturers and exporters tend to get doubts while dealing with the various provisions of the tax and trade laws and need to get precise clarifications to avoid serious revenue implications, it is important that somebody gets the necessary information from the respective ministries to clear your doubts.

This is what we propose to do. All you have to do is to drop your queries in our mailbox and we will get back to you within 48 hours. These clarifications we propose to get from the respective wings in the Ministries of Finance and Commerce so that you get the best possible interpretations of any tax and trade-related provisions, policies and laws. Here we would like to make it quite clear to you that our effort is to get doubts cleared as fast as possible. So pl don't insist on getting you any clarification in writing from the Ministries which usually take several months to come by. This would certainly go a long way in meeting your long-felt need and help you in taking better fiscal decisions. Here our teams of correspondents will do the needful for you so that our ultimate goal to bridge the communication gap could be achieved.

Subscription Mode: Since providing you quick and quality service would involve huge infrastructure costs to us, we propose to charge you Rs 500/- per query in the beginning. Since sending a cheque / draft of Rs 500/- would not be economical, we propose to begin with an initial registration kitty of Rs 2000/-. As against this sum, you are free to send us four questions and, as soon as you get the answers for them, you might send us another cheque / draft of Rs 2000/- or more (if you are willing) and, the cycle goes on. This sort of mechanism has been developed keeping in mind your interests. For instance if you don't like the quality of our answers or the promptness or for any other reasons and you decide to discontinue our service, this mechanism gives you an immediate opportunity to do so. Since it would not mean much of a financial burden on you, you might find it worth trying it for once. But we would like to promise you that once you give it a try, you would never have a reason to back out of it.

Mode of Payment: You can send payment through draft/ cheque in favour of thesynergyonline.com and posted at 505 A/ Synergy House, Chattarpur Hills , New Delhi 110 030, Tel/Fax: 6301894 and email the intimation along with your 'query' to the editor@thesynergyonline.com

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