The situation spins out of control

Atomic Energy Commission Must Safeguard Human Life

"Sealing" Nuclear Reactors Necessary to Stop Radiation Leakage in India

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NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 13 : Very alarming it may sound but hundreds of workers engaged in the nuclear power plants and atomic reactors in India are helplessly exposed to radiation contamination that may cost them of their lives as the Government of India has not "sealed" them totally to stop the iodine leakage.

Unless the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) and the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) fortify these installations vulnerable to radiation leakage due to natural calamities, human errors and mechanical malfunctions with the Non-Conjugated Conductive Polymer Papers (NCCPP), a radiation Armageddon may happen in India.

According to the Nobel Prize nominee in Chemistry for 2017, Prof. Mrinal Thakur, though he submitted a proposal to "seal" all nuclear reactors with the NCCPP globally patented by him to the AEC in Mumbai five years ago, it was not implemented thereby exposing the employees to radiation contamination and posing serious threat to the overall ecological system.

In a statement here, Prof. Thakur, an NRI-scientist and the Director of the Photonic Materials Research Laboratory of Auburn University (USA), said immediately after the Fukushima radiation leakage disaster in 2011 (in Japan), he submitted the proposal to the AEC to safeguard all nuclear installations, but nothing was done.

AEC's Inaction in "Sealing" Reactors May Have Dangerous Outcome

Nominated 17-times for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry including in 2017 yet not receiving it due to what may be termed as the traditionally racially-prone anti-India bias of Sweden and total lack of concern of the Central Government in ensuring that the Indians get their lawful international recognitions, he demanded that in view of growing numbers of radiation accidents happening in India, the AEC must act immediately upon his proposal that may be gathering dust. He also demanded to know the "status" of his proposal as of today.

Lack of action is the reason why an unwanted situation persists.

Situation spinS out of control

We may not understand situation but understand hurt ― Mk.Better with a group

Prof. Thakur said by ignoring his proposal to "protect" the nuclear reactors, the AEC has proved it beyond doubt that the DAE is not at all serious in safeguarding the staff members working in such facilities. In view of this, there must be public outcry in India demanding protection of all existing reactors and those coming up with the NCCPP "shield" to save human life and the mother earth as a whole.

Prof. Thakur said since the Central Government, all other State Governments, the DAE and AEC are totally disregarding his "offer" to safeguard the nuclear power stations, it is high-time that the NGOs fighting against radiation, political parties cutting across ideological barriers, student unions and scientists come forward in compelling the nuclear regulatory authorities to install the very cost effective NCCPP in all reactors.

Functioning of the Non-Conjugated Conductive Polymer Papers

If the "vital segments" of nuclear installations from where radiation may leak are sealed and covered with the NCCPP, the workers would be safe from radiation contamination.

The Central Government apathetic towards protecting workers

Prof. Thakur said the Narendra Modi Government and erstwhile Manmohan Singh-led Ministry took no steps to safeguard the nuclear reactors against leakage of iodine and radioactive elements though he had submitted a "full-proof" strategy to the AEC. Since the iodine travels very fast through air and water, the results of a serious radiation leakage can be extremely grim in the case of India.

"I even met the former Presidents, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee and Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in New Delhi to apprise them of the lurking danger of nuclear leakages. However, "sealing" of atomic reactors was not done," Prof. Thakur said regretting the "insensitive attitude of the Central Government may cause irreparable damage to the country".

He said the issue can be settled only if the people come on a common platform to force the government to "seal" all reactors against leakages for greater cause of the nation. The global regulatory bodies including International Commission for Radiation Protection (ICRP) prescribed specific norms for permissible doses of radiation from X-Ray tubes and shielding of walls of X-Ray rooms. The NCCPP functions in line with RCRP.