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FOR bridging the communication gap between the industry and trade and the government departments we have been rated first on many fronts. Now we have tailored an innovative Four-in-One package for you. Those who become our esteemed Member will get the much-needed services like e -mail of latest informations relating to all subjects especially on economic and financial matters + Answers to your queries from those officials who are key decision makers in all government departments & Weekly round-up of key fiscal, economic and financial events.

Though getting informations like notifications/circulars faster is important but what is more relevant is the answer to your doubts and questions emerging out of these notifications. That is why we are here to meet your actual requirements of doubt-clearing. What we also offer you is easy-to-understand capsules of income tax judicial pronoucements.

1) Answer to your Queries: Since most notifications / circulars raise a bundle of questions in your mind, you tend to worry about their application to your product / services. You indeed need several points to be clarified and explained to you before you put them to use. And here we promise to get you the instant answers / clarifications from none but the officials in the Ministries. Here we would like to make it quite clear that our efforts are to get you clarifications faster and informally.
We are no way promising to get you clarifications in writing which in any case take several months as files have to be cleared at various stages.

Note: Queries should strictly fall within the ambit of the notifications/circulars issued in the recent past.

2) Impact Analysis / Weekly Round-up of key economic events & Weekly capsules of key income tax judicial pronoucements: Since notifications / circulars are necessarily technical in nature, most corporate / exporters / importers / service providers / chartered accountants find it difficult to instantly assess their impact on them. So to help you in comprehending the tax liability or procedural impact of such changes, we intend to provide you a comprehensive, easy to understand analysis of such notifications within a span of 24-48 hours.

We are happy to inform you that we have tieup with senior officials for supplying you on a weekly basis the capsules of important decisions like income tax judicial pronoucements which will help you in taking vital decisions.

3) E-Mail Service : The idea is to intimate you through e-mail about the relevant informations / other clarifications issued by the Ministry of Finance, RBI and DGFT within 24-48 hours they are issued. It is an instant service. You don't have to wait for a re-published copy which makes you wait for days together and, meanwhile, your work continues to suffer. Our instant service will equip you to take better tax and trade-related decisions which can help you save valuable time and revenue for your company and provide more efficient tax consultancy. So we intend to put all such informations /notifications/circulars and then inform you about their issuance. Since each Member will get an User ID and a Password one can easily access them as soon as our mail lands in your mail-box.

Subscription Mode : Since our quality instant services can be judged only over a period of time, you are advised to choose either half-yearly or annual package. The slab rates given below are exclusive of service tax which has been levied recently by the Government on online information services.

A manufacturing / exporting unit: Rs 3675 for six months, inclusive of service tax and Rs 7350, inclusive of service tax for 12 months.

Tax consultant / Chartered Accountant : Rs 3800 half-yearly and Rs 7500/- annually + service tax

Trade/Industry Associations : Rs 4000 half-yearly and Rs 8,000/- annually + service tax

Departmental officers : Rs 2500 half-yearly and Rs 4500 annually + service tax

Corporate Package: Trade/Industry Associations, PR agencies : Rs. 5,000/- half-yearly and Rs. 10.000/- annually + service tax . Thesynergyonline will also provide coverage to corporate sector on an exclusive and regular basis to give an edge over its competitors. This is for large corporates, PR agencies which have multiple units. Here our marketing executives would sit across the table and work out the most economical package for you if so desired depending on the nature of display like banners, animations etc. Please contact us at the or Dial : 91-011-32440558, 09810878945(M)

Comprehensive Package: Here you can have accesses to important sections like Aviation, Corporate Watch Infotech,Excise/Customs and what not to suffice your day to day needs which give you an exposure to happenings and lots of 'inside' news from the bureaucracy, including PMO and key ministries and PSUs. The annual subscription fee for it is Rs 8,000/-, including service tax for a corporate / exporter / chartered accountancy firm / Commissionerate / Directorate.

How to access notifications: As soon as you join our growing list of Members we will send you an aprroval.
Mode of Payment : You can pay us by sending a draft / Cheque (only local) payable in favour of, N Delhi and posted at Synergy House, 569/3, Chattarpur Hills, New Delhi 110 074, Tel 011 32440558 Mobile: 9810878945 and e-mail the intimation to the,


Name of Company / individual : ________________________________________
Company / Individual's Address : ________________________________________
Tel / Fax Nos/ e-mail ID : ________________________________________
Company's Annual Turnover : ________________________________________
Company / Individual's
areas of activities : ________________________________________
Company's Products / Services : ________________________________________
Types of Services/Notifications /
Circulars required : ________________________________________
Authorised Person : ________________________________________
Authorised Person's E-mail : ________________________________________
Subscription Option : Half-Yearly /Annual
Mode of Payment : Draft No_______________
(Payable in favour of Cheque No. _____________

Date: Signature:
Place: Designation:

Note: All correspondence should be mailed to , or posted at Synergy House , 569/3, Chattarpur Hills, New Delhi 110074, Ph: 91-011 -32440558 , (Mobile):9810878945.



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